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Punch Deck ® Applications

Archive Storage - Box-friendly Punch Deck is the perfect choice for archive storage facilities,
where open area decking is required for sprinkler effectiveness.

• Retail Point of Sale - Punch Deck can be powder coated to customer color specifications for
use in store showrooms.

• Mattress Warehousing - Punch Deck provides a safe way to store mattresses and padding
materials - its smooth surface helps prevent hang-ups of both product and plastic bags.

• Carpet Rack - Punch Deck provides a smooth surface for loading and unloading, fulfills open
area requirements.

• Garment VNA - Punch Deck's unique surface is smooth to prevent damage to garments yet
open to keep air circulating.

• Hand Loaded Boxes - Hand stacked boxes slide on and off easily. The smooth surface reduces
potential hang-ups that can cause damage.

• Bagged Items - Punch Deck's small openings keep bags from losing their shape or getting caught,
preventing loss of product.

• Furniture - Punch Deck can be used on cantilever rack or pallet rack for furniture storage,
providing exceptional support for large and small items.

• Food - Use Punch Deck for hand picked lower levels. Even small items won't fall through.
Galvanized finish is easy to clean and resists corrosion.

• Full Pallet Loads - Punch Deck provides additional support. Decks are fastened securely
to the step beam, preventing accidental dislodgement.

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