punch deck manufactured by dacs, inc.
punch deck features and benefits
Open surface area conforms to fire sprinkler codes
ergonomic design prevents injury

Punch Deck ® Features & Benefits

Fire Protection - Large openings (50% open area for common rack sizes) in surface allow sprinkler water
through to lower levels.

Smooth, Box Friendly Surface - Hand stacked boxes slide on and off easily reducing the potential
for damage.

It's Back Friendly - Punch Deck is ergonomically designed so hand loaded boxes slide on and off
easily, without catching.

Uniform Strength - Punch Deck's repeating bends provide uniform strength across the entire
shelf and minimize local distortions.

Extra Secure - Punch Deck fastens to the step beam with tek screws, preventing accidental dislodgement.

No Waterfall Edge - Punch Deck is flush with the top of the step beam, allowing for easy labeling on
the face of the beam.

Attractive Look - Bright, galvanized finish gives your warehouse a sleek, hi-tech look that is easy to maintain.
Punch Deck can also be powder-coated in a wide variety of colors.

Freight Savings - Up to 3 times more square footage of Punch Deck can be shipped on a single
truck than most other deck products.

3 Thicknesses - Meets most typical loading requirements.

Competitive Pricing - Punch Deck is priced competitively to similar products.

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